Community Media: People, Places, and Communication Technologies

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April 2014



Combining original research with comparative and theoretical analysis, Kevin Howley examines a number of different community media such as radio, television, and print media, and looks at the way they impact on the lives of those who produce and consume them. He also addresses broader theoretical and philosophical issues such as the part community media can play in promoting participatory democracy and giving the socially and economically disadvantaged access to the public sphere.


Introduction; 1. Locating community media; 2. Tracing the global through the local: perspectives on community media; 3. Finding a spot on the dial: Firehouse Broadcasting from Bloomington, Indiana; 4. Downtown Community Television: cultural politics and technological form; 5. A poor people's press: Street Feat; 6. Victoria's Network: (re) imagining community in the information age; Conclusion; References.


Kevin Howley is Assistant Professor of Media Studies at DePauw University. He has published in a number of journals including the International Journal of Cultural Studies, the Journal of Film and Video, the Journal of Radio Studies and Ecumene.
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