Samuel Johnson and the Making of Modern England

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Juni 2005



Hudson examines Samuel Johnson's contribution to the creation of the modern English identity.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. From 'rank' to 'class': the changing structures of social hierarchy; 2. Constructing the middle-class woman; 3. From 'broad-bottom' to 'party': the rise of modern English politics; 4. 'The voice of the nation': the evolution of the 'public'; 5. The construction of English nationhood; 6. The material and ideological development of the British Empire; Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Nicholas Hudson is Professor of English at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of Samuel Johnson and Eighteenth-Century Thought (1988), Writing and European Thought, 1600-1830 (Cambridge, 1994), and of numerous essays on eighteenth-century literature, thought and culture.


'... it is bold, well argued and, above all, modern.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'The book is beautifully structured and argued, and very clearly written; even undergraduates could follow the accessible line it draws through the difficulties of social definition, party, nationhood and Empire.' British Association for Romantic Studies 'Samuel Johnson and the Making of Modern England is full of large, resonant arguments collectively embracing Johnson's entire career. It represents an intelligent and ambitious rethinking of his continued meaning for England (not Britain).' Times Literary Supplement
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