Privacy, Playreading, and Women's Closet Drama, 1550 1700

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November 2004



This study investigates the tradition of closet drama written and read by women in early modern England.


Introduction; 1. Privacy, play reading and performance; 2. Jane Lumley: humanist translation and the culture of play reading; 3. Elizabeth Cary: 'private' drama and print; 4. Margaret Cavendish: the closing of the theatres and the politics of play reading; 5. Anne Finch: authorship, privacy and the Restoration stage; Conclusion: 'Closet' drama: Private space, private stage, and gender; Bibliography.


Marta Straznicky is Associate Professor of English at Queen's University, Ontario.


Review of the hardback: '... engaging argument ...'. Times Literary Supplement Review of the hardback: 'The book is a stimulating and suggestive study. The material presented is important in identifying the place of women's closet plays in English drama and in offering fresh insights into the way in which they are more politically charged than commercial drama. Straznicky presents us with a scholarly and carefully researched piece of work that will prove useful for future studies of seventeenth-century closet drama and of early modern female playwrights.' Theatre Research International Review of the hardback: 'Marta Straznicky's book is an essential read for anyone interested in the period 1550-1700, but particularly in women's history and its relationship to the act of writing. The research is impressive and the writing style eloquent, persuasive and accessible, as we are taken on a fascinating journey into the sensitivities surrounding women and writing in the period ...' Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre
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