Jane Austen and the Enlightenment

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An important contribution to the study of Jane Austen and of intellectual history at the turn of the nineteenth century.


Part I. The Eighteenth-Century Legacy: 1. Auspices; 2. Pride and Prejudice, a politics of the picturesque; 3. Northanger Abbey and the liberal historians; 4. Sense and Sensibility and the philosophers; Part II. Engaging with the New Age: 5. Diffraction; 6. Mansfield Park: charting the religious revival; 7. Emma, and the flaws of sovereignty; 8. Persuasion: light on an old genre; 9. Sanditon and speculation; Bibliography.


Peter Knox-Shaw is a Research Associate at the University of Cape Town.


'An intelligent and inspiring critique that asks us to return to Austen, her contemporaries and her predecessors with an increased sensitivity to the connections between them, and a renewed pleasure in the complexity of the novels themselves.' Michael Caines, Times Literary Supplement 'Contributes greatly to a new reading of the novels. His demonstration is very convincing ... [he] gives historical justification to her progressivisms while other critics only assert it.' Chloe Beccaria, Cercles '... constantly illuminating and abundantly well written. His exploration of the routine topics - including such hoary old chestnuts as the juvenilia, the picturesque, the Steventon theatricals, and Evangelicalism - is original, informative and effectively harnessed to his overall argument. And what emerges from all this is a more interesting Jane Austen - an author better read, better educated and better informed than we have been given reason to suppose.' Brian Southam, Jane Austen Newsletter 'Jane Austen and the Enlightenment is a triumph: one of the most exciting publications to appear on the author in recent years, and one that genuinely opens new horizons. It is essential reading for scholars of Austen's works and for those interested in the relationship of literature and philosophy. Accessibly and felicitously written, it also has much to offer general readers of Austen.' E. J. Clery, Modern Philology '... supremely astute and discriminating ...' Freya Johnson, Year's Work in English Studies '... densely argued, readable, and exceptionally exciting ... his success in this fine study is a tribute to his cautiously conservative scholarly approach.' Daniel Traister, JASNA News
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