Annual Review of Nursing Education Volume 3, 2005: Strategies for Teaching, Assessment, and Program Planning

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September 2000



This series presents innovations in nursing education, written in an easy-to-read manner with a focus on practical information for teachers. Presented by the nurse eductors pioneering these advances and focused on the practice of teaching accross settings, this review is written for nurse educators in associate, baccalaureate, and graduate nursing programs, staff development, and continuing education. Volume 3 presents a rich array of strategies and experiences that can enrich your teaching.


Part I: Our Students; Nursing Education for Students with Disabilities: Our Students, Our Teachers; Why and How We Should Address Student Incivility in Nursing Program; How to Learn, Not What to Learn: Three Strategies that Foster Lifelong Learning in Clinical Settings; Part II: Assessment and Evaluation; Part III: Innovation and Creativity in Teaching; Making the Transition from Teacher-Centered to Student-Centered Instruction: A Journey Taken by Two Educators; Promoting Critical Thinking Through Online Discussion; Part IV: Innovation and Creativity in Curriculum and Program Planning; Creating an Undergraduate Nursing Classroom Without Walls; Integrating Evidence-Based Practice into Nursing Curricula; Critical Analysis of "Culture" in Nursing Literature: Implications for Nursing Education in the United States; Accelerated Nursing Programs for Non-Nursing College Graduates; Rethinking Empathy in Nursing Education: Shifting to a Developmental View; Part V: Reflection: As Faculty...As Students; The Mirror as Metaphor for the Reflective Practitioner; Shadows and Corners: The Other Side of Journaling; Use of Faculty Reflection to Improve Teaching
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