The Basics of Earth Science

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August 2003



Earth science forces, including earthquakes, fossils, the Earth's spheres, the Big Bang Theory, El Nino, and the atmosphere, are presented at a level appropriate for beginners. Concepts are clarified through the use of examples, tables, and figures. Readers will also learn about more advanced topics within earth science, including geochronology, seismology, and geomagnetism.


Introduction - Background and History - Geological Time - Forces, Processes, and Systems - Earth's Structure - Earth's Resources - Earth's Inner Spheres - Biosphere: Envelope of Life - Hydrosphere: Sphere of Water - Atmosphere: Sphere of Air - Climate and Weather - Appendix: Hands-on Earth Science Projects - Glossary - Selected Bibliography - Index.


ROBERT E. KREBS is the retired Associate Dean for Research at the University of Illinois Health Sciences Centre, Chicago.


?[R]obert Krebs includes a thorough presentation of common topics in earth science...the reading is interesting and sources for the factual base are extensively provided.?-SB&F
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