Advances in Librarianship Volume 17

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Dezember 1993



Critically acclaimed since its inception, Advances in Librarianship continues to be the essential reference source for developments in the field of libraries and library science. All areas of public, college, university, primary and secondary schools, and special libraries are given up-to-date, critical analysis by experts engaged in the practice of librarianship, in teaching, and in research. Each volume of Advances in Librarianship contains an index, and each chapter includes references.


T.K. Huwe, Information Specialists and the Cooperative Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities. J.S. Rutstein, A.L. DeMiller, and E. Fuseler, Ownership versus Access: Shifting Perspectives for Libraries. W.G. Potter, Access to Electronic Information: Exploring the Options. N.D. Stevens, Research Libraries--Past, Present, and Future. B.A. Norgard, M.G. Berger, M. Buckland, and C. Plaunt, The Online Catalog: From Technical Services to Access Service. M. Sasse and B.J. Winkler, Electronic Journals: A Formidable Challenge for Libraries. T. de Leon Clarke and E.U. Clawson, Output Measures for Evaluating the Performance of Community College Learning Resources Programs: A California Case Study. H. Clausen, New Patterns for Scholarly and Business Communication in Denmark. N.R. John, The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions and the United States: What Happens Next? Subject Index.


"The essays are all well-written, scholarly, and very readable... Extensive bibliographies conclude each section and provide readers with excellent citations for furthering their reading. This work should appeal to librarians in libraries at many different professional levels. It is a credit to the continuing series." --AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS ANNUAL "Advances in Librarianship is one of the few places in library literature where one finds literate, comprehensive, and brief overviews of advances in the field... Like the previous volumes, this volume presents papers high in the quality of scholarship and writing. It is simply the best source of overviews of what is going on in the field. As such, it would be an excellent buy for any library staffed by librarians who wish to keep abreast of advances." --COLLEGE AND RESEARCH LIBRARIES "This series examines a wide assortment of topics, and... has included a substantial number of individual essays of lasting value. The standardized approach used in this volume provides strength, unity, and a sense that the contributions have some permanent value." --JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP "As with earlier volumes, this volumes includes a number of varied contributions reflecting a wide range of interests in librarianship." --FID NEWS BULLETIN
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