From Mycenae to Constantinople: Major Cities of the Greek and Roman World

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Oktober 1992



Richard A. Tomlinson analyzes the development of the city by examining the architectural remains of urban centers in the Greek and Roman world. He shows how the city is an architectural response to the social organization and varying political systems of its inhabitants. Tomlinson shows how cities served as a base for imperial authority and discusses the circumstances surrounding the creation of a New-Rome for the Christian Empire at Constantinople.


"What makes the work a valuable contribution is Tomlinson's complete command of a great mass of specialized archaeological reports. This enables him to give coherent interpretations of each city's role and development, and also--most unusual--to make illuminating comparisons. . . . The 13 maps and 74 illustrations supplement the text beautifully. Highly recommended."
"An enjoyable book for anyone interested in the urban character of the Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman worlds."
-"Southwestern Journal of Theology
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