Knowledge as Culture: The New Sociology of Knowledge

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September 1996



Drawing on the Marxist, French structuralist and American pragmatist traditions, this is a lively and accessible introduction to the sociology of knowledge.


"McCarthy's book emphasizes that increased awareness of diversity has altered the way we view the world."
-" Dallas Morning News
"Doyle McCarthy's book brings the sociology of knowledge into the 21st century.... [Her strategy of interpretation] enables her not only to update the sociology of knowledge, but also to enrich postmodern approaches to the study of knowledge, science, and culture. This is an important book.."
-Richard Harvey Brown, University of Maryland, College Park
"Doyle McCarthy's book is one of the few genuine contributions to the sociology of knowledge since the publication of Werner Stark's sociology of knowledge almost forty years ago.... In addition, it achieves the difficult task of showing the relevance of the sociology of knowledge to the burgeoning field of cultural studies.."
-Stanley Aronowitz, Graduate Center of the City University of New York
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