Postmodernism and Education: Different Voices, Different Worlds

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Oktober 1994



"Postmodernism and Education" responds to the interest in postmodernism as a way of understanding social, cultural and economic trends. Robin Usher and Richard Edwards explore the impact which postmodernism has had upon the theory and practice of education, using a broad analysis of postmodernism and an in-depth introduction to key writers in the field, including Lacan, Derrida, Foucault and Lyotard. In examining the impact which this thinking has had upon contemporary theory and practice of education, Usher and Edwards concentrate particularly upon how postmodernist ideas challenge existing concepts, structures and hierarchies.


Introduction 1. Postmodernism, Postmodernity and the Postmodern Moment 2. Speaking 'Truthfully': Science, Psychology and Subjectivity 3. Knowing Oneself: Subjectivity and Mastery 4. Subject Disciplines and Disciplining Subjects: The Subject in Education 5. Examining the Case: Competences and Management 6. The 'End' of the Educational Project 7. Education and Textuality 8. Telling Stories: The Legitimising of Knowledge 9. The End of the Story: Education, Efficiency and Resistance 10. The Cultivation of Desire 11. Catching the (Last) Post References Index


""Postmodernism and Education is a valuable book that needs to be vigorously engaged by educationalists and others wishing to rethink the contemporary crisis in education. An excellent introduction to postmodern social theory and its implications for pedagogy, educational policy and social transformation."
-Peter McLaren, University of California at Los Angeles
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