Citizenship and the Ethics of Care: Feminist Considerations on Justice, Morality and Politics

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Mai 1998



Care and women's emancipation have often been seen as opposed. Politicians have begun to look again at the issue of care in the context of new reforms in the welfare state, health care policies and family law. Using concrete examples taken from parental rights cases, health care education and the public health sector. Using concrete examples taken from the practice and discourse of care, those found in parental rights issues, health care education, the family and in the public health sector, Sevenhuijsen argues for revaluation of care from a feminist perspective.


"Sevenhuijsen's book provides a stimulating account of the potential of integrating care into conceptions of democratic citizenship and social justice... Her book makes an important contribution to legal and healthcare issues and more generally to what it means to live, work and participate in a democratic society."
-Canadian Woman Studies
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