Nameless Persons: Legal Discrimination Against Non-Marital Children in the United States

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August 1994



This study examines the legal discrimination suffered in the USA by children born out of wedlock. It analyses the Supreme Court's equal protection birth status decisions from 1968 to 1992 and traces the developments of the Court's rulings, suggesting a feminist jurisprudence to address the problem.


Some Truths Are Not Self-Evident: Birth Status--Historical Foundations and Feminist Critique; Introduction; Terminology; Masculinist and Feminist Perspectives: The Feminist Challenge; Methodological Framework; The Nuclear Family and the Dependent Status of Women; Historical Overview; Women and Supreme Court Decisions; Conclusion; Burdening the "Nameless" and Their Parents: Case Analysis; Introduction; Wrongful Death; Fathers' Rights; Financial Assistance--State Benefits; Financial Assistance--Federal Benefits; Inheritance; Paternity and Support Actions; Immigration; Perspective Shades Perception: Equal Protection Theory; Introduction; First Approach: Identify Relevant Characteristics; Second Approach: Identify Substantive Rights; Third Approach: Identify the Illusion; Conclusion; In the Best of All Possible Worlds . . . ; Introduction; International Normative Standards; Liberal Legal Theory; Critical Legal Theory; Feminist Jurisprudence; Conclusion; References; Index.
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