The American War Film: History and Hollywood

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McAdams provides the first extensive synthesis of American and world history with the war film genre. He demonstrates how the war film reflects the currents of history of the time in actual events portrayed and in dramatic plot points.


Preface; Introduction: A Theatrical Education; Something New; A Sleepy Sunday; Post War Reality; Korea: A Disturbing War; Post Korea: The 50's; Only Great Challenges; Vietnam: The Counter Culture; A Campus In O-hio; The Gulf War Era; Ending at the Beginning; Bibliography; Film Chronology.


FRANK McADAMS is Adjunct Professor, Department of Cinema/TV at the University of Southern California and an instructor in the screenwriting programs of the University of California Los Angeles and the University of California, Irvine.


?[e]xamines the role the war film plays in reflecting and developing trends in social and military history, along with its use as a tool of propagandists. The natural tension between patriotism and propaganda on the one hand, and those who were sincerely trying to depict war as they came to know it, makes for a fascinating read. All students and scholars of both war and film will appreciate this marvelously informative and entertaining survey of the war film and its role in American history.?-Parameters
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