The First Female Stars: Women of the Silent Era

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The First Female Stars: Women of the Silent Era rediscovers the fascinating lives and pioneering achievements of 15 women who dared to venture into early motion pictures, an industry dominated by men, and who not only succeeded but became the focal points of the industry. Each star earned a position at the height of her profession, and though many are largely forgotten today, made a lasting and significant contribution to early cinema. In this entertaining and informative volume, author David Menefee reveals these women and their signature roles, drawing on many original sources to show us how such actresses as Theda Bara, Sarah Bernhardt, Dorothy Gish, and Norma Talmadge were received in their time, and the many ways in which their influence remains important today.


David W. Menefee is a contributing writer for The Dallas Times Herald and The Dallas Morning News. He is the author of Sarah Bernhardt: In the Theater, Film and Sound Recordings, the first-ever comprehensive study of the actress's recorded work.


"The First Female Stars pays homage to the lives of fifteen early female stars who made their first movie appearance between 1900 and 1923... Menefee lovingly recounts the qualities of these stars of the silent screen..."-Journal of American Studies
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