Transnational Corporations and Human Rights

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Bringing together a diverse group of contributors, this collection addresses the impact of transnational corporations on human rights. Topics covered include corporate social responsibility; the impact of corporations on internal conflicts, and codes of conduct. Case studies range from the negative effects of the Nigerian oil industry to the positive engagement by a logging company with the Nuu-chah-nulth people in Canada. The book uniquely combines the discussion of conceptual issues with an in-depth examination of specific corporations and industries.


Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Abbreviations An Emerging Market for the New Millennium: Transnational Corporations and Human Rights;
S.Pegg Activism and Research onTransnational Corporations and Human Rights: Building a New International Normative Regime;
W.H.Meyer Regulating Transnational Corporations through Corporate Codes of Conduct;
A.Wawryk Corporate Responsibility for Preventing Human Rights Abuse in Conflict Areas;
M.Winston The Oil Industry in Nigeria: Conflict between Oil companies and the Local People;
J.G.Frynas Mining and Environmental Human Rights in Papua New Guinea;
S.Kirsch US Certification Initiatives in the Coffee Industry: The Battle for Just Remuneration;
R.Garcia-Johnson The Transnational Garment Industry in South and South-East Asia: A focus on Labor Rights;
J.G.Frynas Timber Logging in Clayoquot Sound/Canada: Community-Corporate Partnerships and Community Rights;
H.Fabig &
R.Boele Index


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