Children, Youth and Development

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Children and youth constitute a large part of the population with nearly half of the world's population under the age of twenty-five. Almost ninety percent of these people live in Third World countries. Children and youth in the Third World are affected by extremely diverse experiences, including global processes, such as development, globalization and the effects of international agreements and policies relating to children and youth. "Children, Youth and Development focuses on the way in which changes in development theory and practice have impacted on young people's lives and considers the influence of the differing geographical and social context in which young people live. This text addresses issues that preoccupy children and young people, or dominate policies towards them, with topics as diverse as education, child labor, street children, child soldiers, refugees, child slaves, the impact of environmental change and hazards on children and the way that children, with the enthusiasm and energy to bring about change, can be enabled to participate in 'development.' Finally the book examines how young people are bearers of rights. This accessible textbook contains numerous student-friendly features, including boxed case studies from across the Third World, summaries of key ideas, discussion questions and annotated guides to further resources on each chapter's main topics, as well as diagrams and tables, and numerous maps and photographs.


1. Global Models of Childhood and Youth 2. 'Development', Globalisation and Poverty as Contexts for Growing Up 3. Changing Cultural Contexts 4. Health: Ensuring the survival of infants and adolescents? 5. Education 6. Work: Exploiting children, empowering youth? 7. Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances 8. Rights, Participation and Power


Nicola Ansell is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Brunel University.


'An excellent and welcome overview of the diversity of children and young people's experiences in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Children, Youth and Development is a comprehensive, accessible and timely text.' -- Samantha Punch, University of Stirling, UK 'Children, Youth and Development provides a groundbreaking look at the complex and diverse ways in which children and young people are affected by and play a role in global economic, social and political processes.' -- Sarah J. Halvorson, University of Montana, USA 'Children, Youth and Development provides a compendium of extremely useful and well evidenced information to challenge assumptions, and a thorough picture of how it is to be a child/young person today in the world.' -- Jo Trelfa, College of St. Mark and St. John, Plymouth, UK
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