Self-Neglecting Elders: A Clinical Dilemma

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While elder abuse is a topic that has been widely explored, elder self-neglect is a subject that has not really been defined, much less discussed at any length. This volume is the first comprehensive work on the prevalent geriatric problem of self-neglect. It contains original clinical research and analyzes the medical, psychological, and social aspects of geriatric self-neglect from various perspectives of professionals within the geriatric field. Social workers, nurses, and geriatric professionals who are concerned with this problem will find this volume to be a valuable resource that provides an interdisciplinary perspective on health and social services.


Overview; Elder Self-Neglect - a Blurred Concept; A General Framework for Elder Self-Neglect; Systems Considerations; Ethical Issues in Working with Self-Neglect; Psychiatric and Biomedical Considerations in Self-Neglect; A Family Systems Perspective of Self-Neglect; Older Developmentally Disabled Adults and Self-Neglect; Geriatric Alcoholism and Self-Neglect; Geriatric Protective Services and Self-Neglect; Conclusion; Research and Clinical Directions in Self-Neglect.


?There have been difficulties in developing a national policy on elder abuse during recent years. Even when research on elder abuse was coming to the fore, the area of neglect was not keeping pace. And when neglect was the subject of investigation, caregiver neglect rather than self-neglect was the primary focus of research. With the publication of Self-Neglecting Elders: Clinical Dilemma, a giant stride has been made to fill this void, and the results amply justify the efforts of the editors, Eloise Rathbone-McCuan and Dorothy R. Fabian, and their fellow contributors to this text. This is a most welcome addition to a long overlooked area.?-Journal of Applied Gerontology
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