Challenges to Social Security: An International Exploration

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Social security systems throughout the world are faced with unprecedented challenges in response to growing criticisms about unacceptable expenditures for government programs and questions about the appropriate role of government in providing social protection through social insurance and social assistance programs. The challenges are also a result of dramatic demographic, social, and cultural changes around the world. A variety of radical and modest reform measures are currently being discussed which have the potential of significantly impacting the means of income and health care for the elderly, children, and families.


Challenges Facing Social Security by James Midgley; The Challenge of Financing Social Security in the United States by Howard Jacob Karger; Political Stalemate and the Crisis of Social Security in Latin America: The Case of Uruguay by Jorge Papadopulos; Challenges to Social Security for Women: Case Illustrations of Egypt and Turkey by Marsel A. Heisel; Social Security in Poland: The Challenge of the Transformation to a Market Economy by Miroslaw Ksiezopolski; Out of Line: Selective Comparisons and Social Security Reduction in the Netherlands by Peter de Koning, Ingrid Mulder, Keebet von Benda-Beckmann, and Gert Klaij; Challenges to Social Security in Developing Countries: Coverage and Poverty in Zimbabwe by James Midgley and Edwell Kaseke; Social Security in Britain: The Challenge of Needs versus Costs by David Piachaud and Martin Evans; Conclusion: Responding to the Challenge by Martin B. Tracy.


.,."explores the sondition of world social security systems in light of an aging global populace and deteriorating government finances... The book provides the reader with a literature review of the effects of social security programs on economic development and a historical account of events leading to social insurance legislation. While the book examines US problems in depth, the authors carefully tailor content to satisfy those who want to investigate the experiences of other countries...Upper-division undergraduate through professional."-Choice
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