The Blair Effect 2001-5

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September 2005



Tony Blair's strong start to his third term has brought his relatively lacklustre second term into sharp relief. The second term should have been the time when New Labour fulfilled its manifesto promises. So what was achieved between 2001 and 2005? How far was Blair himself responsible, and what was Gordon Brown's influence? What was the impact of the Iraq war? Seldon and Kavanagh gather together leading academics and journalists to provide an authoritative assessment, including a review of New Labour in government from 1997 to the present.


Part I. Politics and Government: 1. The Blair premiership Dennis Kavanagh; 2. Parliament Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart; 3. Elections and public opinion Pippa Norris; 4. Local government Tony Travers; 5. Media management Raymond Kuhn; 6. The Labour Party Lewis Baston; 7. The Conservative Party under Blair, 2001-2005 Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon; Part II. Economic and Social Policy: 8. The Treasury and economic policy David Smith; 9. Mr Blair's British business model - capital and labour in flexible markets Robert Taylor; 10. Transport Stephen Glaister; 11. Government and judiciary Louis Blom-Cooper; 12. Education Alan Smithers; 13. The health and welfare legacy Howard Glennerster; 14. Equality and social justice Kitty Steward; Part III. Wider Relations: 15. The national question Iain McLean; 16. Europe Peter Riddell; 17. Putting the world to rights: Tony Blair's foreign mission Christopher Hill; 18. The second Blair government: an audit Anthony Seldon; Commentaries: The meaning of the Third Way Andrew Gamble; Foreign policy Vernon Bogdanor; The reinvention of Blair Robert Skidelsky.


Anthony Seldon is the co-founder of the Institute of Contemporary British History, and is Headmaster of Brighton College and Master Elect of Wellington College. He is the author or editor of over twenty-five books of contemporary history. Dennis Kavanagh is Professor of Politics at the University of Liverpool, and a senior scholar of British politics. He is the author of extensive publications including the British Election Survey series.


'Essential reading. A penetrating survey of the Blair Government, its strengths and its flaws. You do not have to agree with all the conclusions to be stimulated by the arguments.' Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer 'A more massive and magisterial survey is the collection of essays by some very knowledgeable hands, The Blair Effect 2001-5, edited by Anthony Seldon and Dennis Kavanagh.' Contemporary Review
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