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Useful for the undergraduate course in cognition or cognitive psychology, this book provides a perspective of the range of cognitive psychology, offering balanced coverage of competing viewpoints. It melds the traditional and contemporary approaches to the theory and practice of cognitive psychology.


(NOTE: All chapters conclude with a Key Names and Concepts section that includes definitions of important concepts, Study Questions, and Suggested Readings sections.) 1. Introduction. What is Cognition? 2. Approaches to Cognition: An Overview. The Associationist Tradition. The Gestalt Tradition. The Information Processing Tradition. J.J. Gibson's Theory. Neisser's Adaptation of Gibson. Connectionism: A New Paradigm? What Comes Next? 3. Attention. James's Description of Attention. The Stroop Task. Attention and Automaticity. Selective Attention and Divided Attention. Attention as a Resource. Lapses of Attention. Attention, Awareness, and Unconscious Processes. 4. Memory Traces and Memory Schemata. Schema Theories of Memory. Bartlett's Remembering. Research Based on Schema Theory. Evaluation of Schema Theory. Scripts. Levels of Processing. Ecological Approaches to Memory. 5. Memory Systems. Tulving and Memory Systems. Semantic Memory. Connectionist Models of Memory. Autobiographical Memory. Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, and Rehabilitation. 6. Imagery and Cognitive Maps. Imagery and Memory. Mental Rotation. Mental Images and Real Pictures. Criticisms of Mental Imagery Research. Cognitive Maps and Mental Models. 7. Concepts. The Classical Approach. Learning Complex Rules. Wittgenstein's Analysis of the Natuer of Concepts. Rosch and Prototypicality. Hintzman's Memory Trace Model. Barsalou and Ad Hoc Categories. Lakoff and Idealized Cognitive Models. 8. Language. The Structure and Development of Language Chomsky and Transformational Grammar. The Innateness Hypothesis. Communication and Comprehension. Vygotsky and the Social Content of Language. Literacy. Language and Culture. 9. Problem Solving. Wertheimer and Productive Thinking. Insight Problems. Duncker, Functional Fixedness, and the Nature of Insight. Does Insight Exist? Rigidity and Mindlessness. Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Problem Solving. 10. Reasoning. Syllogistic Reasoning. Wason's Puzzles and the Importance of Falsification. Reasoning and Recursion. Knights and Knaves. 11. Judgment and Choice. Heuristics and Cognitive Biases. Intuitive Statistics. Magical Thinking. Meaningful Coincidences. Positivity Bias. 12. Intelligence and Creativity. Intelligence. Sternberg's Theory of Intelligence. Gardner and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Expertise. Creativity. 13. Personal Cognition. Cognition and Emotion. Thinking about Persons. Cognition and the Self. 14. Applied Cognitive Psychology. Ergonomics. Affordances. Instructions. The Design of the User Interface. Designing Training. Electronic Books-Using Text with Computers. Design, Invention, and Practical Intelligence. The Ethnographic Method and Applied Cognitive Psychology. Bibliography. Name Index. Subject Index.
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