Modern American English Book 5

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August 1992



Modern American English is a six-level course that takes young adult and adult learners from beginning to advanced proficiency in English. Careful structure and vocabulary control make this series suitable even for absolute beginners.


Lesson 1 The Repair Business Present and Past Perfect Continuous Forms Lesson 2 Manufacturing Continuous with Auxiliary Verbs and idiomatic Verb Phrases Lesson 3 White-Collar Work and Management Passive Continuous Forms Passive with get Lesson 4 Merchandising Uses of have got and shall Special Meanings of Auxiliary Verbs Lesson 5 Review Lesson 6 Credit Uses of the Present Participle Lesson 7 Tourism Uses of the Infinitive The Infinitive of Purpose Lesson 8 Government Form and Order of Adjectives Lesson 9 Government and Public Pressure Negative Comparison of Adjectives, Adverbs, and Nouns Lesson 10 Review Lesson 11 Medicine and Health Care Form and Order of Adverbs Lesson 12 Fitness Multiple-Word Verbs Lesson 13 Education Indefinite or Impersonal Pronouns Words with Affirmative and Negative Distribution Lesson 14 Leisure-time Activities Shortened Sentences with too, so, either, neither, and but Lesson 15 Review Vocabulary Principal Parts of Irregular Verbs
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Untertitel: 'Modern American English'. New Ed. Sprache: Englisch.
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