Signals, Systems, and Transforms

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Juli 1991



This textbook provides a modern treatment of signals and systems. It presents the basic concepts and analytical tools in an exceptionally well-written and organized format. Its unique feature is the clearly marked modular structure, which gives the instructor superior flexibility when choosing sequential or integrated coverage.


(NOTE: Each chapter begins with an Introduction and ends with a Summary and Problems). 1. Overview of Signals and Systems. Signals. Systems. 2. Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Signals. PART A Continuous-Time Signals. Basic Continuous -Time Signals. Modification of the Variable t. Continuous-Time Convolution. PART B Discrete-Time Signals. Basic Discrete-Time Signals. Modification of the Variable n. Discrete-Time Convolution. 3. Linear Time-Invariant Systems. PART A Continuous-Time Systems. System Attributes. Continuous-Time LTI Systems. Properties of LTI Systems. Differential Equations and Their Implementation. PART B Discrete-Time Systems. System Attributes. Discrete-Time LTI Systems. Properties of LTI Systems. Difference Equations and the Their Implementation. 4. Fourier Analysis for Continuous-Time Signals. The Eigenfunctions of Continuous-Time LTI Systems. Periodic Signals and the Fourier Series. The Continuous-Time Fourier Transform. Properties and Applications of the Fourier Transform. APPLICATION 4.1 Amplitude Modulation. APPLICATION 4.2 Sampling. 5.Frequency Response of LTI Systems. APPLICATION 4.3 Filtering. 5. The Laplace Transform. The Region of Convergence. The Inverse Laplace Transform. Properties of the Laplace Transform. The System Function for LTI Systems. Differential Equations. APPLICATION 5.1 Butterworth Filters. Structures for Continuous-Time Filters. Appendix 5A The Unilateral Laplace Transform. Appendix 5B Partial-Fraction Expansion for Multiple Poles. 6. The z Transform. The Eigenfunctions of Discrete-Time LTI Systems. The Region of Convergence. The Inverse z Transform. Properties of the z Transform. The System Function to LTI Systems. Difference Equations. APPLICATION 6.1 Second-Order IIR Filters. APPLICATION 6.2 Linear-Phase FIR Filters. Structures for Discrete-Time Filters. APPENDIX 6A The Unilateral z Transform. APPENDIX 6B Partial-Fraction Expansion for Multiple Poles. 7. Fourier Analysis for Discrete-Time Signals. The Discrete-Time Fourier Transform. 2.Properties of the DTFT. APPLICATION 7.1 Windowing. 3.Sampling. 4.Filter Design by Transformation. 5.The Discrete Fourier Transform/Series. APPLICATION 7.2 FFT Algorithm. 8. State Variables. Discrete-Time Systems. Continuous-Time Systems. Operational-Amplifier Networks. Bibliography. Index.
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