Social Deviance

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"SOCIAL DEVIANCE" offers a collection of readings which span the topic of deviance from a variety of sources, including professional journals newspapers and magazines, books, and unpublished material, including first-hand accounts by deviance-enactors, victims of deviance, agents of social control, etc. In the words of the author, <<What could be more fascinating than wrongdoing, rule-breaking, skullduggery, malfeasance, scandal, and evil deeds of every description?


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Definitions and Basic Concepts. Wrongdoing as an Offense in the Eyes of God, Jerry Falwell. Deviance as Exploitation: Beyond Nuts and Sluts, Alexander Liazos. Outsiders, Howard S. Becker. Deviance, Norms, and Social Reaction, Erich Goode. II. THEORIES OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR. 2. Social Disorganization. Natural Areas of the City, Robert E.L. Faris and H. Warren Dunham. Deviant Places: A Theory of the Ecology of Crime, Rodney Stark. 3. Anomie or Strain Theory. Social Structure and Anomie, Robert K. Merton. A Society Organized for Crime, Steven F. Messner and Richard Rosenfeld. 4. Learning Theory: Differential Association and Culture Transmission. Differential Association, Edwin H. Sutherland. Lower Class Culture and Gang Delinquency, Walter B. Miller. III. THEORIES OF SOCIAL CONTROL. 5. Functionalism. The Functions of Social Deviance, Kai T. Erikson. The European Witchcraze, Nachman Ben-Yehuda. 6. Labeling Theory: The Interactionist Approach. The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the Dramatization of Evil, Frank Tannenbaum. Primary and Secondary Deviation, Edwin M. Lemert. Deviant Behavior, Howard S. Becker. 7. Conflict Theory and Marxist Criminology. Toward a Marxian Theory of Deviance, Steven Spitzer. A Conflict Theory of Criminal Law, Joseph F. Sheley. 8. Feminism and The New Sociology of Social Control. Visions of Social Control, Stanley Cohen. A Feminist View of the Sociology of Deviance, Marcia Millman. IV. FORMS OF DEVIANCE. 9. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. The Social Construction of Drug Scares, Craig Reinarman. The Cycle of Abstinence and Relapse Among Heroin Addicts, Marsh B. Ray. 10. Homosexuality. Homosexuality: An Introduction, Erich Goode and Richard R. Troiden. The Homosexual Role, Mary McIntosh. 11. Pornography. Erotica and Pornography: A Clear and Present Difference, Gloria Steinem. Feminism, Moralism, and Pornography, Ellen Willis. Does Pornography Cause Rape?, Michael S. Kimmel. 12. Rape. Riding the Bull at Gilley's: Convicted Rapists Describe the Reward of Rape, Diana Scully and Joseph Marolla. Is It Rape?, Susan Estrich. 13. Physical Characteristics. The Disabled as Involuntary Deviants, Edward Sagarin. The Stigma of Obesity, Erich Goode. 14. Mental Disorder. The Moral Career of the Mental Patient, Erving Goffman. On Being Sane in Insane Places, David L. Rosenhan. 15. White Collar Crime. Is White Collar Crime Crime?, Edwin H. Sutherland. Denying Guilt: Involvement in White Collar Crime, Michael Benson.
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