New Perspectives in Criminology

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November 1995



This reader includes the most up-to-date and engaging selections for a criminology course to be found under one cover, meeting an unfulfilled demand in the marketplace. All publication dates are between 1990 and 1996. Juvenile gangs, white-collar crime, sources of criminal behavior, violent crime, drugs, deterrence, treatment and punishment, and issues of class, gender and race represent topics covered. Selections are well-coordinated with material that appears in basic criminology textbooks, and professors using any one of these can consult a chart in the preface to see how to assign the selections. Carefully designed to supplement such texts, this reader can also be adopted as a basic reader supplemented by other monographs.


I. CONCEPTUALIZING CRIME. 1. Philip Jenkins, The Social Construction of Serial Homicide. 2. Victor E. Kappeler, Mark Blumberg, and Gary W. Potter, The Myth and Fear of Child Abduction. II. SOURCES OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. 3. Diana H. Fishbein, Biological Perspectives in Criminology. 4. Michael R. Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi, Criminality and Low Self-Control. 5. Cathy Spatz Widom, The Cycle of Violence. 6. Mark Colvin, Crime and Social Reproduction. III. CLASS, GENDER, AND RACE. 7. John Hagan, The Poverty of a Classless Criminology. 8. Anne Campbell and Steven Muncer, Men and the Meaning of Violence. 9. Elizabeth Rapaport, The Death Penalty and Gender Discrimination. 10. Michael Tonry, Racial Politics, Racial Disparities, and the War on Crime. IV. JUVENILE GANGS. 11. Martin Sanchez Jankowski, Gang Involvement: The Individual and the Decision to Become a Member. 12. Felix M. Padilla, Stealing and the Juvenile Gang. 13. John M. Hagedorn, Homeboys, Dope Fiends, Legits, and New Jacks. V. VIOLENT CRIME. 14. Eric W. Hickey, Trauma-Control Model of the Serial Killer. 15. Jack Katz, The Motivation of the Persistent Robber. VI. DRUGS AND CRIME. 16. Jan M. Chaiken and Marcia R. Chaiken, Drugs and Predatory Crime. 17. James A. Inciardi, Ruth Horowitz, and Anne E. Pottieger, Street Kids and Crack Cocaine: The Drugs/Violence Connection. 18. Patricia A. Adler, Deviant Careers and Reintegration. VII. WHITE-COLLAR CRIME. 19. David Weisburd, Ellen F. Chayet, Elin J. Waring, White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers. 20. Kitty Calavita and Henry N. Pontell, Savings and Loan Fraud as Organized Crime. VIII. DETERRENCE, TREATMENT, AND PUNISHMENT. 21. Kenneth D. Tunnell, Let's Do It: Deciding to Commit a Crime. 22. Ted Palmer, The Effectiveness of Intervention: Recent Trends and Current Issues. 23. Charles H. Logan and Gerald G. Gaes, Meta-Analysis and the Rehabilitation of Punishment. Bibliography.
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