Malaysia and the "Original People": A Case Study of the Impact of Development on Indigenous Peoples (Part of the Cultural Survival Studies in Ethnicit

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Oktober 1996



Sharply focused on key issues affecting indigenous and ethnic groups worldwide, this book is part of a series of ethnographies, authored by leading figures in the field of anthropology and builds on introductoy material by going further in- depth and allowing readers to explore, virtually first hand, a particular issue and its impact on a culture. Concentrates on a well-researched, specific issue and its impact on a particular culture. Provides in-depth information on a particular culture, expanding the readerOs grasp of the experiences and problems encountered by different cultures.


1.Introduction. 2.Orang Asli Before Development. 3.Government Intervention. 4.Development, Destruction, and Encroachment. 5.Regroupment and Islamization. 6.The Future of the Orang Asli.
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