Constitutional Engineering in Brazil

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The book investigates why a country facing issues that needed to be tackled nationwide chose to decentralize when it moved from authoritarianism to democracy. It discusses the events of the Brazilian constituent assembly and investigates the results of decentralization at the subnational sphere. The results suggest that there was a lack of social consensus on what was to be achieved by decentralization. They suggest that political and economic factors influence the outcomes of decentralization, thus exposing the limits of decentralization on policy results.


List of Figures and Tables - Acknowledgements - Acronyms - Introduction - The Role of the Federal Government - The Decision to Decentralize - Conflicts and Alliances - Decentralization at Subnational Level - The Case of Bahia State - The Case of Salvador and Camacari - Conclusions: Intergovernmental Relations, Decentralization, and Federalism in a Fragmented Policy - References - Index
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