The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

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November 2005



This outstanding collection is designed to address the fundamental issues and principles underlying the task of Artificial Intelligence.


List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I. Introduction: 1. What is AI anyway? Roger C. Schank; 2. What kind of information processing is intelligence? B. Chandrasekaran; Part II. The Formal Foundations of AI: 3. Non-monotonic reasoning versus logic programming: a new perspective Teodor C. Przymusinski; 4. Prolegomena to a theory of mechanized formal reasoning Richard W. Weyhrauch; Part III. Levels of Theory: 5. AI: a personal view David Marr; 6. Has AI helped psychology? Margaret A. Boden; 7. What's in an AI program? Derek Partridge; Part IV. Programs and Theories: 8. One smal head: models and theories Yorick Wilks; 9. The nature of AI principles Alan Bundy and Stellan Ohlsson; 10. What's in an AI program? Derek Partridge; Part V. The Role of Representations: 11. Thinking machines: can there be? are we? Terry Winograd; 12. Evolution, error, and intentionality Daniel C. Dennett; Part VI. The Role of Programs in AI: 13. What kind of fields is AI? Alan Bundy; 14. Programs in the search for intelligent machines: the mistaken foundations of AI Eric Dietrich; Part VII. Rational Reconstruction as an AI Methodology: 15. The novelties of AI: theories, rograms and rational reconstructions J. A. Campbell; 16. AM: a case study in AI methodology G. D. Ritchie and F. K. Hanna; Part VIII. Is AI Special in Regard to its Methodology?: 17. Is there anything special about AI? Roger M. Needham; 18. What sort of a thing is an AI experiment? Karen Sparck Jones; 19. We need better standards for AI research John McCarthy; Part IX. Does Connectionism Provide a New Paradigm for AI? 20. Why there still has to be a language of thought Jerry A. Fodor; 21. Connectionism and the foundations of AI Paul Smolensky; 22. Some comments on Smolensky and Fodor Yorick Wilks; 23. Representation and high-speed computation in neural networks Paul M. Churchland; Part X. The Role of Correctness in AI: 24. Does AI have a methodology different from software engineering? Derek Partridge and Yorick Wilks; 25. AI, computer science and education Ranan Banerji; Part XI. Limitations on Current AI Technology: 26. The challenge of open systems Carl Hewitt; 27. Towards a reconciliation of phenomenology and AI Stuart E. Dreyfus and Hubert L. Druyfus; 28. The superarticulacy phenomenon in the context of software manufacture Donald Michie; Part XII. Annotated Bibliography on the Foundations of AI Imre Balogh and Brian M. Slator; Index of names.


"A nontechnical treatment of AI, recommended for general readers." Choice "...a valuable resource and a model for future publications." William Hunt, Canadian Artificial Intelligence "...any reader who wants to stop at the question as to what AI really is will find this collection of papers a valuable sourcebook." G.A.W. Vreeswijk, Mathematical Reviews
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