The Observer's Guide to Astronomy: Volume 1

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An authoritative guide packed with practical tips for all types and levels of observations in amateur astronomy.


Volume 1: Contents (Volumes 1 & 2); The contributors; Summary (Volumes 1 & 2); Preface; Translator's preface; 1. The Sun; 2. Observing the Sun with a coronograph; 3. Solar eclipses; 4. The Moon; 5. Planetary surfaces; 6. Planetary satellites; 7. The minor planets; 8. Comets; 9. Occultations; 10. Artificial satellites; Notes, references and bibliography - Volume 1; Volume 2: Contents (Volumes 1 & 2); The contributors; Summary (Volumes 1 & 2); 11. Aurorae; 12. Meteors; 13. Double and multiple stars; 14. Variable stars; 15. Deep sky novae and supernovae; 16. Plate comparisons; 17. Astrometry; 18. Spectroscopy; 19. Photoelectric photometry; 20. Image-intensifiers and CCDs; Appendices: 1. Time scales; 2. The T60 Association; Notes, references and bibliography - Volume 2.


'Quite frankly, you will not find a better guide to serious observational astronomy.' Astronomy Now 'These two volumes, together, constitute amazingly good observational guides for the serious amateur astronomer.' Spaceflight 'Not only are the practical methods of observation dealt with in great detail but the scientific background is also stressed. The aim is to train astronomers to make better and better observations, and to guide them towards the correct analysis of these observations and to the most useful way of presenting the data. The emphasis is on the development of good observational and analytical skills.' David Hughes, Nature ' ... a comprehensive guide book which is highly recommmended to all serious amateurs.' Alan W. Heath, Journal of the BAA 'This is a gem of a book ... it is a grand smorgasbord of material for the advanced amateur astronomer ... Each of the ten chapters is meant to stand alone as an independent unit ... this way the reader does not have to digest the entire book in order to get to what he/she needs to observe ... The book is quite irresistible ... well written, well organised and nicely cross-referenced ... I highly recommend this book to any serious observer. It was worth the pain of writing a review just to get my hands on a copy of it!' Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 'Altogether this is an outstanding work and no amateur with any pretensions to being active, nor any student astronomer, should be without a copy in their library.' The Observatory
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