Discoveries of America: Personal Accounts of British Emigrants to North America During the Revolutionary Era

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September 1997



Here is a rare and fascinating collection of personal letters written by 18 of the thousands of British emigrants who came to North America just prior to the American Revolution. The letters reveal the motivations, characteristics, and emotions of these subjects and also provide new insights into British-American migration of the time, especially personal networks among family and friends.


Editor's Preface; Preface; Introduction; Note on Selection; Editorial Procedures; Part I. Nova Scotia: Narratives of Charles Dixon; Letter of James Metcalf; Letter of Luke Harrison; John Robinson and Thomas Rispin, 'Journey through Nova Scotia'; Part II. Middle Colonies: Letters of James Whitelaw; Alexander Thomson, 'News from America;' Letters of Hugh Simm; Part IV. Chesapeake: Letter of John Campbell; Letters of David Duff; Letter of Thomas Feilde; Part V. North Carolina: Letters of Alexander McAllister; Letter of Alexander Campbell of Ballole; Part VI. South Carolina and Georgia: Letters of Alexander Cumine; Letters of George Ogilvie; Letter of Thomas Taylor; Letter of Baikia Harvey; Letter of Hester Wylly.


"Discoveries of America is a welcomed, meticulously researched addition to the study of the eighteenth-century North Atlantic world." The North Carolina Historical Review "...this book...will fascinate readers with an interest in the complexities of migration of British emigrants who dared to cross the Atlantic and write home about their experience in the New World in order to invite others to follow their example." Marianne S. Wokeck, Michigan Historical Review
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