The Cambridge Economic History of the United States

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April 1996



This volume surveys the economic history of British North America and of the early United States to the end of the 18th century.


Preface; 1. The history of Native Americans from before the arrival of the Europeans and Africans until the American Civil War; 2. The African background to American colonization; 3. The European background; 4. The settlement and growth of the colonies: population, labor, and economic development; 5. The Northern Colonies: economy and society, 1600-1775; 6. Economic and social development of the South; 7. Economic and social development of the British West Indies, from settlement to c. 1850; 8. British mercantilist policies and the American colonies; 9. The revolution, the constitution, and the new nation.


"...a valuable contribution to the colonial literature and will be a prime reference work." H-Net Book Review "...a valuable addition to any academic library..." Choice "...the volume is a valuable contribution to the colonial literature and will be a prime reference work." Henry A. Gemery, Colby College "Praise must also be extended to the carefully constructed index. The editors and authors are to be congratulated on the production of this excellent volume." Peter Fearon "...this volume of The Cambridge Economic History of the United States has great strengths...The best essays are vigorous syntheses that will engage specialists as well as other readers. Readers with an interest in the economy of early America should make room on their shelves for this book." Marc Egnal, William and Mary Quarterly "A book this good does not just fall together. Engerman and Gallman are to be congratulated for orchestrating the process." Bruce C. Daniels, Canadian Journal of History "Undergraduate teachers of American Economic History who use a standard text in their course will find these essays useful as selected readings on advanced topics. For exceptional students the entire collection would serve well as a basis for a course on early American Economic History." Gary M. Walton, The Journal of Economic Literature "...the various essays are all competent pieces of work." Lewis R. Fischer, The Northern Mariner
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