Morris: News from Nowhere

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Mai 2009



A new edition of William Morris's classic text of British socialism.


1. Discussion and bed; 2. A morning bath; 3. The guest house and breakfast therein; 4. A market by the way; 5. Children on the road; 6. A little shopping; 7. Trafalgar Square; 8. An old friend; 9. Concerning love; 10. Questions and answers; 11. Concerning government; 12. Concerning the arrangement of life; 13. Concerning politics; 14. How matters are managed; 15. On the lack of incentive to labour in a communist society; 16. Dinner in the hall of the Bloomsbury market; 17. How the change came; 18. The beginning of the new life; 19. The drive back to Hammersmith; 20. The Hammersmith guest house again; 21. Going up the river; 22. Hampton Court, and a praiser of past times; 23. An early morning by Runnymede; 24. Up the Thames; 25. The third day on the Thames; 26. The Obstinate Refusers; 27. The upper waters; 28. The little river; 29. A resting-place on the upper Thames; 30. The journey's end; 31. An old house amongst new folk; 32. The feast's beginning - the end.
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