A. J. Ayer: Memorial Essays

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März 1992



A. J. Ayer, who died in 1989, was acknowledged as one of Britain's most distinguished philosophers. In this memorial collection of essays leading Western philosophers reflect on Ayer's place in the history of philosophy and explore aspects of his thought and teaching. The volume also includes a posthumous essay by Ayer himself: "A Defence of Empiricism." These essays are undoubtedly a fitting tribute to a major figure, but the collection is not simply retrospective; rather it looks forward to present and future developments in philosophical thought that Ayer's work has stimulated.


Preface; 1. A defence of empiricism A. J. Ayer; 2. Ayer: the man, the philosopher, the teacher Richard Wollheim; 3. Ayer's place in the history of philosophy Anthony Quinton; 4. Ayer's attack on metaphysics D. M. Mackinnon; 5. Ayer and world view Frederick Copleston; 6. Language, newspeak and logic S. R. Sutherland; 7. On the relation between common sense, science and metaphysics Stephan Korner; 8. Logical positivism and intentionality Hilary Putnam; 9. Probability and the evidence of our senses D. H. Mellor; 10. Seeing qualia and positing the world Ted Honderich; 11. Three varieties of knowledge Donald Davidson; 12. The importance of 'If' John Watling; 13. Ayer's ethical theory: emotivism or subjectivism? David Wiggins; 14. Subjectivism and toleration Bernard Williams; 15. An interview with A. J. Ayer Ted Honderich; References; Index.


"...a penetrating inquest on one of the major currents of 20th century philosophy..." Jim Baggott, New Scientist "This is a book Ayer afficionados will not want to be without." Canadian Philsophical Review
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