Nebulous Earth: The Origin of the Solar System and the Core of the Earth from Laplace to Jeffreys

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Nebulous Earth follows the development of the nineteenth-century's most popular explanation for the origin of the solar system, Laplace's Nebular Hypothesis.


Preface; Part I. Nebular Birth and Heat Death:
1. Introduction;
2. The Founders: Laplace and Herschel;
3. Followers and critics;
4. The Nebular Hypothesis and the evolutionary worldview;
5. Thermodynamics and the cooling Earth;
6. Saturn's rings (with C. W. F. Everitt and Elizabeth Garber);
7. Revisions of the Nebular Hypothesis, 1860-85;
8. Poincare and cosmic evolution;
9. The Nebular Hypothesis in the 20th century; Part II. Inside the Earth: 1. A journey to the center of the Earth; 2. Nineteenth-century debates: Solid, liquid or gas?; 3. Discovery of the Earth's core; 4. Chemical history of the core; 5. Geomagnetic secular variation (with S. K. Banerjee); 6. Time and tide; Index.


"...a major work, large in scope and splendid in execution...This will be a standard work for a long time to come." Curtis Wilson, Physics Today "The three-volume A History of Modern Planetary Physics by Stephen G. Brush is a amjor work, large in scope and splendidin execution...Brush's account of many of the episodes is enhanced by his personal correspondence with the scientists involved...Brush's text...is workmanlike and probingly thoughtful. This will be a standard work for a long time to come." Physics Today "I recommend this work highly for those with interests in the history of geology or astronomy, the development of scientific ideas, or the role of the individual within the scientific community." Michael Thayer, Science Books and Films
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