Building-Art: Modern Architecture Under Cultural Construction

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Mai 1993



Demonstrating a concern with on-going modernism, Masheck's essays guide the reader through the anti-modernist polemics of the 1970s and 1980s.


List of illustrations; Sources [of previously published essays]; Introduction; 1. Bentham's panopticon: an architectural perpetration; 2. Politics of style: Dublin pro-cathedral in the Greek revival; 3. An American utopian schoolhouse design; 4. Note on Sullivan and the use of beauty; 5. De Chirico's pathos of lost antiquity; 6. Text life of the living machine; 7. Reflections in onyx on Mies van der Rohe; 8. Ex Tenebras Lux: approaching the Ronchamp Wall of Light; 9. Kahn: the anxious classicist; 10. Crystalline form, Worringer and the minimalism of Tony Smith; 11. Form behind concept: the Bechers' imaging of industrial architecture; 12. Classical Sass: Notes on soft postmodernism; 13. Tired tropes: cathedral vs. bicycle shed; 'duck' vs. decorated shed; Notes; Index.
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