Liberalism and the Economic Order: Volume 10, Part 2

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August 2014



The essays in this volume address the liberal transition currently underway. Some of them explore the models offered by political theorists to guide the course of reforms. Some discuss obstacles to change posed by existing attitudes, institutions, and cultural traditions. Some examine the nature of liberalism itself, and consider whether democratic politics and free-market economics can coexist without undermining one another. Some offer alternatives to specific Western institutions, arguing that in certain cases it would be unwise for the East to follow the West.


Introduction; Acknowledgments; List of contributors;
1. The social market economy Norman Barry;
2. From post-communism to civil society: the reemergence of history and decline of the western model John Gray;
3. Asymmetrical reciprocity in the market exchange: implications for economies in transition James M. Buchanan;
4. Institutions, nationalism and the transition process in Eastern Europe Svetozar Pejovich;
5. The economic and political liberalisation of Socialism: the fundamental problem of property rights William H. Riker and David L. Weimer;
6. Democracy, markets and the legal order: notes on the nature of politics in a radically liberal society Don Lavoie;
7. Liberalism: political and economic Russell Hardin;
8. Socialism and the extension of democracy Richard J. Arneson;
9. Liberalism, welfare economics and freedom Daniel M. Hausman;
10. Some rules of constitutional design Peter C. Ordeshook;
11. The morality of inclusion Allen Buchanan;
12. A new contractarian view of tax and regulatory policy in the emerging market economies Robert H. Frank;
13. Associations and democracy Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers; Index.
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