Labour Women: Women in British Working Class Politics, 1918 1939

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Thousands of working-class women joined the Labour Party and Co-operative Movement in the tow decades after women won the right to vote in 1918. This book is about their struggle to find a place in the male world of organized labour politics.


Introduction; 1. The doors are open - women's entry into Labour politics; 2. Their devotion was about equal - women and men in interwar working-class politics; 3. But the seats are reserved for men - the gender struggles of the twenties; 4. A sex question or a class question? - Labour women and feminism in the twenties; 5. Helping others - women in local labour politics; 6. Doing our bit to see that the people are not dragged down - class struggle in the thirties; Conclusion.


'... an invaluable close study of the issues and debates in the Labour Women's Organization, especially during the 1920s ... this book has important implications for both the feminist movement and the Labour Movement.' Martin Pugh, Times Literary Supplement 'To read the conventional accounts, you would think that Labour was built as a men-only party. Pamela Graves's pioneering study shows the limitations of that view, and provides a fascinating and important account of the female side of the growth of the British Labour movement in the inter-war period ... This book will be of interest both to feminist historians and to all those who wish to understand the development of political parties in Britain.' Ben Pimlott, Professor of Politics and Contemporary History, Birkbeck College 'Most welcome. A sane and intelligent account of the role and work of Labour women between the wars, caught as they were between sympathy with middle class feminism and solidairy with patriarchal working class socialsim.' Patricia Hollis, University of East Anglia '... a major contribution to feminist left wing history ... a must for anyone working on twentieth century politics.' Open History 'A rich and revealing study of the labour women who tried - and failed - to win the Labour Party and Co-operative movement to a politics of sexual equality and a programme of woman-centred social reforms. A very good book.' Anne Phillips, Professor of Politics, London Guildhall University
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