From Family History to Community History

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Mai 1994



A major new initiative designed to stimulate and develop personal research in family and community history.


List of figures and tables; Contributors; Preface; Introduction W. T. R. Pryce; Part I. People on the Move: 1. Studying migration W. T. R. Pryce and Michael Drake; 2. Aspects of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish migrations W. T. R. Pryce and Ian Donnachie; 3. Movements into the British Isles: three complementary perspectives Monica Shelley, Peter Braham and Ruth Finnegan; 4. Using quantitive and cartographic techniques; two examples W. T. R. Pryce; Part II. Place and Community: 5. Towns and their regional settings W. T. R. Pryce; 6. Towns and villages: social divisions and spatial patterns; 7. Staying and Moving: links between migration and community Ruth Finnegan and Brenda Collins; Part III. Community And Territoriality: an Illustration: 8. Jewish East London, 1850-1950 David Englander; Part IV. Reflecting on the Issues: 9. Community and community history Ruth Finnegan and W. T. R. Pryce; Exercises: answers and comments; Acknowledgements; Index.
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