Technology Transfer: Making the Most of Your Intellectual Property

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Mai 2006



This book is aimed at helping researchers to understand the commercial potential of their technology. It will help to bridge the communication gap and familiarise the reader with the plethora of functions, skills and processes that commercialisation requires.


Prologue; Acknowledgements; 1. Bringing your technology to market; 2. So do you really have something of value?; 3. The first steps towards commercialisation of your technology; 4. The difficult problem of valuation of intellectual property; 5. Developing your ideas; 6. The licensing option; 7. Forming your own company; 8. Financing the business start up; 9. Making your technology a commercial success; 10. Conclusion; Appendices; Index.


'Overall, this is an excellent book and will be very helpful to all scientists wishing to see the results of their research developed commercially.' Alan Munro, Trends in Cell Biology '... this book arrives at just the right time ... when technology transfer is becoming more and more important, any book that tries to pull together a practical overview of the field should be welcomed.' Robert I. James, Nature '... this book is virtually unique ... a book to buy, to savour, and to refer to again and again.' John Mann, The Chemical Engineer 'This is a book to purchase, not one to borrow just once from a library - and, particularly in the paperback version, incredibly good value for money.' John Mann, Diagnostic Club Newsletter, 'Exchange' '... a marvelous book ... should be mandatory reading for any entrepreneur.' Keith Redenbaugh, Journal of Food Biochemistry
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