Producing Hegemony

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Februar 1995



The author, Mark Rupert, examines the relationship between American global power and the rise of mass production.


1. Introduction; 2. Marx, Gramsci and possibilities for radical renewal in IPE; 3. The quality of global power: a relational view of neoliberal hegemony; 4. The emergence of mass production practices and productivist ideology; 5. State-society relations and the politics of industrial transformation in the USA; 6. Fordism vs. unionism: production politics and ideological struggle at Ford Motor Company, 1914-1937; 7. Unionism is Americanism: production politics and ideological struggle at Ford Motor Company, 1937-1952; 8. Fordism and neoliberal hegemony: tensions and possibilities; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"In the end, the historical chapters of 'Producing Hegemony' make a strong case that workers' political consciousness is malleable. This is an important lesson for our own time." Labor History
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