Australian Television and International Mediascapes

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Stuart Cunningham and Elizabeth Jacka describe the origins and operation of the Australian industry and the increasing globalisation of the television marketplace. Their book examines the television cultures of the countries importing Australian programs, and assesses the reasons for the success or failure of various programs.


Part I. Global Mediascapes: Theory and Industry: 1. Theoretical perspectives; 2. Globalisation and international television trade; Part II. The Domestic Optic: Australian Industry, Culture and Production: 3. The Australian television culture; 4. Production companies I; 5. Production companies II; Part III. The International Optic: TV Ecologies and Australian Programs: 6. The UK and Ireland; 7. Europe; 8. USA and Canada; 9. East Asia; 10. New Zealand Geoff Lealand; 11. Papua New Guinea and the South West Pacific Helen Wilson; Part IV. Conclusion: 12. Benefits and drawback of internationalisation.


"Australian Television and International Mediascapes serves as an excellent piece for examining global media...for a thoughtful and thought-provoking look at global program distribution and its effects, this book is worth obtaining." Lynne Schafer Gross, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media
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