Computers and Classroom Culture

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September 2013



Computers and Classroom Culture explores the meaning of computer technology for our schools.


1. Introduction; 2. The GP tutor: artificial-intelligence in the classroom; 3. A tale of two settings: the computer science classroom and the lab; 4. Computers in the closet: attitudinal and organizational barriers to computer use in the classroom; 5. The gifted computer lab: a (bright, white boys) lunch club; 6. Computer science II: basically for boys; 7. Conclusions.


"[Schofield's] fascinating conclusions...have implications for education reform that go far beyond the introduction of new technology." Faith Schantz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Computers and Classroom Culture provides an in-depth look at how computer technology can affect the educational process...Everybody will appreciate the easy reading style and absence of technical jargon, and instructional technology professionals will find that the material presented including the references is relevant to their efforts. We give this book an enthusiastic thumbs up!...will be both an interesting and useful addition to the library of all of those interested in obtaining new insight into how computers can be effectively introduced into a classroom environment..." Contemporary Psychology "...an astonishing amount of effort compared with the standard empirical report in this area." Chuck Huff, Journal of Educational Computing "Janet Schofield has written a beautifully detailed and carefully reasoned account of what happens when technologies are incorporated into complex school settings. Their social effects are often the critical, but hidden, characters in the story of the impact of technologies. Janet has illuminated this territory."-Jan Hawkins "[Schofield's] fascinating conclusions on how computers affected the classroom environment have implications for education reform that go beyond the introduction of new technology...Although Computers and Classroom Culture is a scholarly work, the relative absence of specialized educational terminology makes it accessible to a broad range of readers. The excerpts from the 'field notes', allowing us glimpses into the classroom, are always riveting." Faith Schantz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "It explores the effects of introducing computers to the learning environment: How will students be affected?...reviews obstacles that are in the way of using computers to become more innovative." Educational Administrative Abstracts "Janet Ward Schofield has painted a vivid picture of the realities accompanying the use of computers in the everyday life of the classroom." Benjamin L. Bell, Teachers College Record
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