A History of Hypnotism

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A detailed and scholarly history of the phenomena, practice and theory of mesmerism, hypnotism and multiple personality disorder.


Prologue: Franz Anton Mesmer; Part I. The Successors of Mesmer: 1. The Royal Commissions and the pamphlet war; 2. Puysegur; 3. Phenomena and speculations 1784-1789; 4. Mesmerism in the German-speaking countries; 5. Kluge; 6. The revival of magnetism in France; 7. Mesmerism and the medical profession in France 1820-1840; 8. Mystical magnetism: Germany; 9. Mystical magnetism: France; 10. Mesmerism in the United States; 11. Mesmerism in Britain; 12. Topics from the Zoist; 13. Animal magnetism: retrospect and reflections; Part II. The Heyday of Hypnotism: 14. Precursors of hypnotism; 15. Hypnotism and scientific orthodoxy 1875-1885; 16. The Nancy school; 17. Pierre Janet and his influence; 18. Dipsychists and polypsychists; 19. Hypnotism and multiple personality in the United States; 20. Hypnotism and suggestion at the turn of the century I: preliminary considerations; 21. The turn of the century II: hypnotic phenomena; 22. The turn of the century III: uses and applications of hypnotism; 23. The turn of the century IV: states ostensibly related to hypnosis; 24. The turn of the century V: theories of hypnosis; 25. The decline of hypnotism; Epilogue: hypnotism today: Barber and beyond.


' a useful reference tool ...'. Roger Cooter, British Medical Journal ' for those who want a complete history of the early phase of hypnotism, this book is well worth reading.' P. J. Whorwell, Lancet '...massive, authoritative and erudite ... will surely remain the standard history of hypnotism for a long time to come.' Society for Psychical Research
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