Politics and the Parlement of Paris Under Louis XV, 1754 1774

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April 2007



In order to explain why the crown and the Parlement drifted into destructive conflict, this study re-examines the conduct of government under Louis XV, the role of the magistrates and structure of judicial politics in eighteenth-century France.


Preface; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction: the Parlement of Paris; 2. Historians and the parlements; 3; The king and his judges; 4. The parti janseniste and the refusal of the sacraments crisis, 1754-1756; 5. Managing the parlements: crisis and compromise, 1756-1758; 6. The Parlement and fiscal politics, 1756-1763; 7. Choiseul and the politics of appeasement, 1758-1763; 8. An unhappy peace, 1763; 9. Defending La Chalotais: the Brittany affair, 1764-1766; 10. In the eye of the storm, 1767-1770; 11. The fall of the Parlement of Paris, 1770-1771; Conclusion: Maupeou and beyond; Bibliography; Index.


"Swann's readable and revealing account of judicial politics during the years 1754-1774, based on extensive research in manuscript and published sources, inevitably reviews material discussed by other historians, but he adds new information and many nuances along the way." American Historical Review "Drawing on records of the Parlement of Paris and papers and memoirs of a host of key eighteenth-century political figures, Julian Swann's rich new study represents a significant revisionist addition to the growing literature on the court...Because such new interpretations will require a re-examination of the conflicts between the monarch and court, students of eighteenth-century France will wish to consult Swann's study." The Historian
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