A History of Modern Planetary Physics: Fruitful Encounters

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November 2006



The early 20th century saw the replacement of the nebular hypothesis with the Chamberlin-Moulton theory that the Solar System resulted from the encounter of the Sun with a passing star. Fruitful Encounters follows the eventual refutation of the encounter theory in the 1930s and the subsequent revival of a modernized nebular hypothesis, which was reconstructed with the help of nuclear physics. The "giant-impact" theory of the Moon's origin imagines an actual collision between the young Earth and a Mars-size planet, with the Moon being formed from a mixture of material from the impacting planet and the Earth's mantle. Professor Brush discusses the role of findings from the Apollo space program, especially the analysis of lunar samples, culminating in the establishment of this theory in the 1980s.


Illustrations; Preface; Part I. Planetesimals and Stelllar Encounters: 1. Introduction; 2. A geologist among astronomers: the Chamberlin-Moulton theory; 3. Jeans, Jeffreys and the decline of encounter theories; Part II. Nebular Rebirth and Stellar Death: 4. Introduction; 5. Methodology; 6. Nuclear cosmochronology and Hoyle's research programme; 7. Cameron's programme; 8. Isotopic anomalies and the supernova trigger; Part III. Planetogony and Plasma: 9. Safronov's programme; 10. The giant planets; 11. Chemical cosmogony: the terrestrial planets; 12. Alfven's electromagnetic programme; Part IV. Whence the Moon?; 13. Introduction; 14. Early history of selenogony; 15. Harold Urey and the origin of the moon; 16. History of modern selenogony; Abbreviations; Reference list and citation index; Index.


Review of the hardback: '... can be highly recommended as a reference on the history of plantogonies.' Meteorite Review of the hardback: 'These three volumes give a very interesting overview of the historic development of theories beginning with the 17th century and ending in the 1980s, which have led to our present day understanding of the possible processes that have been involved in the formation of our solar system including Earth.' Geological Society Journal
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