Early Native American Writing: New Critical Essays

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September 2008



The first collection of critical essays that concentrates on this body of writing, this book highlights the writings of these authors, many of whom have only recently been rediscovered, as important contributions to American letters.


1. 'Honoratissimi Benefactores': Native American students and two seventeenth-century texts in the university tradition Wolfgang Hochbruck and Beatrix Dudensing Reichel; 2. 'Pray, Sir, consider a little': rituals of subordination and strategies of resistance in the letters of Hezekiah Calvin and David Fowler to Eleazer Wheelock Laura J. Murray; 3. '(I speak like a fool but I am constrained): Samson Occom's Short Narrative and economies of the racial self Dana D. Nelson; 4. Where, Then, Shall We Place the Hero of the Wilderness?: William Apess's Eulogy on King Philip and doctrines of racial destiny Anne Marie Dannenberg; 5. 'They ought to enjoy the home of their fathers': the Treaty of 1838, Seneca Intellectualism, and Literary Genesis Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr; 6.' I am Joaquin!': Space and freedom in Yellow Bird's The Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta, the Celebrated California Bandit John Lowe; 7. This Voluminous Unwritten Book of Ours: early Native American writers and oral tradition William M. Clements; 8. 'A terrible sickness among them': Smallpox and stories of the Frontier Helen Jaskoski; 9. 'A desirable citizen, a practical business man': G. W. Grayson - Creek mixed blood, nationalist, and autobiographer Robert F. Sayre; 10. An Indian ... an American: ethnicity, assimilation and balance in Charles Eastman's From the Deep Woods to Civilization Eric Peterson; 11. 'Overcoming all obstacles': the assimilation debate in Native American women's journalism of the Dawes era Carol Batker; 12. 'My people ... my kind': Mourning Dove's Cogewa, the Half-Blood as a narrative of mixed descent Martha L. Viehmann; 13. 'Because I understand the storytelling art': the evolution of D'Arcy McNicle's The Surrounded Birgit Hans.
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