The English Poor Law, 1531-1782

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September 1995



A concise synthesis of past work on a unique and important system of social welfare.


Introduction; 1. Defining strategies; 2. Implementing the law; 3. The failure of reform; 4. The law in context; Appendix: statutes relating to the poor; Notes; Select Bibliography; Additional bibliographical note; Index.


"Paul Slack's The English Poor Law, 1531-1782 is a well-informed and concise survey of recent scholarly research about social welfare legislation in early modern England." Elisabeth Cawthon, H-Net Reviews "...this is an excellent book, especially for young scholars wishing to research the Old Poor Law. It provides a brief, yet thorough historical account, helpful bibliographic tools, and even a checklist of relevant statutes." David McCarter, Sixteenth Century Journal
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