Stalinism and Nazism

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April 1997



Based on the most up-to-date research, an internationally distinguished team of historians compares the two most terrible dictatorships of modernityNazism and Stalinism. Three selected themes are exploredthe leadership cults of Hitler and Stalin; the deadly "war machines" clash of 1941 to 1945; and the ways in which interpretations of the past have shifted in Germany and Russia since the demise of the dictatorships.


Preface; Introduction: the regimes and their dictators: perspectives of comparison; Part I. The Two Dictatorships: 1. Stalin and his Stalinism: power and authority in the Soviet Union 1930-1953 Ronal Suny; 2. Bureaucracy and the Stalinist state Moshe Lewin; 3. Cumulative radicalisation and progressive self-destruction: structural determinants of the Nazi dictatorship Hans Mommsen; 4. 'Working towards the Fuhrer': reflections on the nature of the Hitler dictatorship Ian Kershaw; 5. The contradictions of continuous revolution Michael Mann; Part II. The War Machines: 6. The economics of war in the Soviet Union during World War II Jacques Sapir; 7. Stalin, the Red Army, and the great patriotic war Bern Bonwetsch; 8. From Blitzkrieg to total war: controversial links between image and reality Omer Bartov; Part III. The Big Debates: 9. Work, gender and everyday life: reflections on continuity, normality and agency in twentieth century Germany Mary Nolan; 10. From 'Great Fatherland War' to the Second World War: new perspectives and future prospects Mark von Hagen; 11. German exceptionalism and the origins of Nazism in the career of a concept George Steinmetz; 12. Stalinism and the politics of post-Soviet history Mark von Hagen; Conclusion.


'... [a] stimulating and thought-provoking collection.' History Today
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