Kant and the Experience of Freedom

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Juli 1996



This collection of essays by one of the pre-eminent Kant scholars of our time transforms our understanding of both Kant's aesthetics and his ethics.


Preface; Note on citations; Introduction; Part I. Kant's Aesthetics in Historical Context: 1. Feeling and freedom: Kant on aesthetics and morality; 2. The dialectic of disinterestedness: I. Eighteenth-century aesthetics; 3. The dialectic of disinterestedness: II. Kant and Schiller on interest in disinterestedness; 4. The perfections of art: Mendelssohn, Moritz and Kant; 5. Hegel on Kant's aesthetics: necessity and contingency in beauty and art; Part II. Kant's Aesthetics and Morality: Topical Studies: 6. The beautiful and the sublime; 7. Nature, art and autonomy; 8. Genius and the canon of art: a second dialectic of aesthetic judgement; 9. Duties regarding nature; 10. Duty and inclination; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'The overall theme of this superb collection (ten of Guyer's papers, half of them previously unpublished) concerns the complex of relations among Kant's views of art and aesthetic experience, the interests of morality and society in the latter, and more generally the connection between morality and human sensibility ... a major contribution to a study of both the ethics and the aesthetics.' Richard E. Aquila, The University of Tennessee
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