Anthropological Linguistics

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It starts from a theoretical viewpoint of both language and culture as conventionalised forms of situated practice and uses this as a unifying framework to cover the full range of topics normally treated under the rubric of language and culture.


Preface. Part I: Introduction 1. Introduction. Part II: The Evolution of Language 2. The Evolution of Language. Part III: Universalism: Innate Constraints of Mind 3. Mind, Universals and the Sensible World. 4. Structuralism. 5. Cognitive Anthropology. 6. Kinship. 7. Color. Part IV: Relativism: Cultural and Linguistic Constraints on Mind 8. On Relativist Understanding. 9. Models and Metaphors. 10. Linguistic Relativity and the Boasian Tradition. 11. Space. 12. Classifiers. Part V: The Ethnography of Speaking 13. Speaking as a Culturally Constructed Act: A Few Examples. 14. Politeness, Face and the Linguistic Construction of Personhood. 15. Language and Gender. 16. Language and Social Position. 17. Language and Socialisation. 18. Genre: Poetics, Ritual Languages and Verbal Art. Part VI: Culture and Language Change 19. Contact Induced Language Change. 20. Standard Language and Linguistic Engineering. 21. Literacy. References.Index.


William A. Foley is Professor of Lingusitics at the University of Sydney. He is author of "Functional Syntax and Universal Grammar "(with R. van Valin) and "The Papuan Languages fo New Guinea," and editor of "The Role of Theory in Language Description."


"Foley's book illustrates quite convincingly that 'Linguistics without anthropology is sterile, anthropology without linguistics is blind'(Hockett 1973: 675)" Gunter Senft, Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics "I applaud Foley for having overcome one of the main constraints of structuralist - inspired approaches to analysis." Peter Muhlhausler, University of Adelaide
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