Benacerraf and His Critics

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August 1996



This volume contains ten original essays discussing Benacerrafian themes within and outside the philosophy of mathematics and a new essay "What mathematical truth could not be" by Benacerraf himself.


Introduction. Part I: Platonism and Mathematical Truth: What Mathematical Truth Could Not Be: Paul Benacerraf (Princeton University). The Legacy of Mathematical Truth: Penelope Maddy (University of California at Irvine). Prospects of Platonism: Steven J Wagner (University of Illinois at Urbana). Part II: Interdeterminacy Arguments: On What Possible Words Could Not be: Robert Stalnaker ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Skolemite Skepticism and Interdeterminacy Arguments: Jerrold J Katz (City University of New York). On the Proof of Frege's Theorem: George Boolos (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Logicism 2000: Richard Jeffrey (Princeton University). Part III: Mathematics and Language: Shadows of Remembered Ancestors: Mathematics and the Epitome of Story-Telling: Richard Grandy (Rice University). Wittgenstein, Regularities, and Rules: Mark Steiner (Hebrew University). Mathematics as Language: Adam Morton (University of Bristol). Part IV: Infinity: Infinite Pains: the Trouble with Supertasks: John Earman & John D. Norton (University of Pittsburgh). Bibliography of Paul Benacerraf to 1995.


Paul Benacerraf is Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University. Adam Morton is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bristol. His publications include "Philosophy in Practice: An Introduction to the Main Questions" (1996);" Frames of Mind" (1980); and Disasters and Dilemmas 91991). He has completed a new edition of" A Guide to the Theory of Knowledge" (Blackwell). Stephen P. Stich is Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Rutgers University. He is author of "From Folk Psychology to Cognitive Science "and the "Fragmentation of Reason"; and co-editor (with Ted Warfield) of" Mental Representation: A Reader" (Blackwell, 1994).


"For the most part, the articles in this excellent new collection present attempts to rise to the challenges set by these three papers. Together, they show what difficult and far-reaching problems Benacerraf has raised, and what sophisticated thinking about the most fundamental questions in philosophy - questions of meaning, truth and knowledge - is needed even to begin to solve them." Ray Monk, The Times Higher Education Supplement
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